Taxi drivers

A fierce battle is brewing between taxi drivers and residents of Khuma township in Klerksdorp – SABC News

A bitter battle is brewing between taxi operators and residents of Khuma township in Stilfontein, near Klerksdorp in the northwest.

Commuters say local taxi operators have unfairly raised taxi fares without consultation. They also allege that some taxis are operating without a license, taxi drivers do not have driver’s licenses, they are overloaded and taxis are not roadworthy.

Roads were blocked by commuters on Monday and taxi operators retaliated by doing the same on Tuesday, creating a standoff between the two.

Free movement was impossible on Monday and Tuesday in Khuma township. At the center of it all is a dispute between taxi operators and commuters. Although there was movement in the township on Wednesday, a handful of commuters held a meeting. Some commuters in Khuma Township are still being harmed.

“Their taxis are not in good condition. It can be witnesses when traffic cops have operations here. These taxis take shortcuts to avoid them, ”explains a commuter.

“Please don’t rush to raise prices. You’ve already done it three times in a year,” laments another Commuter.

In response, taxi operators say they have agreed to lower taxi fares. Eric Sijadu from the Khuma & Stilfontein Taxi Association said: “The Khuma & Stilfontein Taxi Association from Klerksdorp to Khuma it was R26 so we cut it down to R24 from Stilfonteing to Khuma , it’s R22, so we cut to R20 and also Potchefstroom, we cut from R30.00 to R28.00.

Some residents are calling for the introduction of bus services in Khuma Township due to the current conflict.

“We want buses in Khuma because they are fighting us, using the services of drug addicts and criminals, from different extensions,” a resident said.

But taxi operators say that since they have already made some concessions by reducing taxi fares, there is no need to reintroduce bus services in Khuma.

“We try to cooperate and work with the community because we are also the community. I think it is not a good thing to say that you are calling the bus because we are trying to respond to the problems,” adds Sijadu.

The two parties have not yet resolved all the concerns raised.