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State Government to Roll Out “Savari” Online Taxi Service | online taxi service

Thrissur: An online taxi service dubbed ‘Savari’ will soon be operational in the state. The business is implemented by the Kerala Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Board (KMTWWB) in association with Indian Telephone Industries Ltd (ITI) in Kanjikode. It is one of a kind in India for which the final draft has been prepared. The software […]

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Taxi app Free Now misses Irish driver payment deadline for fourth time

Free Now, the taxi app which has registered 14,000 drivers in the Republic, has still not passed on fares due to Irish taxi drivers, after promising last Friday they would be paid ‘over the weekend’ . This is Free Now’s fourth missed payment deadline in two weeks, raising serious concerns among many taxi drivers about […]

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Minister places ‘order’ for taxi app

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob has given the Land Transport Ministry an ultimatum to launch a mobile taxi-calling app and a traffic point deduction system before the end of the year. If the ministry fails to materialize these two programs by the end of the year, there will be no guarantee that the head of the […]