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Transportation transformation: More Lyft drivers in Mitchell are changing the city’s taxi services – Mitchell Republic

Art Streetman has gone through many changes in his eight years at the helm of one of Mitchell’s local taxi companies. But none of those changes match what the owner of EZ Ride Taxi saw with ride-sharing service Lyft, which hit Mitchell about a year ago. Now there is a definite transition in Mitchell’s taxi […]

Taxi app

China’s launches self-driving taxi app, the Chinese driverless car startup, has rolled out a new app that allows users to get driven from a self-driving taxi. According to a report in CNBC, the app was rolled out in December, allowing users to hail a driverless taxi from a location in Nansha, a district of Guangzhou in southern China. The […]

Taxi app

BC taxi app set to launch before carpooling allowed – Victoria News

The Vancouver Taxi Association is moving forward with its own ride-sharing system, using a BC-based smartphone app that will allow taxi companies to work together to provide the nearest licensed taxi to customers. cater, a Surrey-based company, plans to launch its own fleet of vehicles to compete with established ride-sharing services such as Lyft and […]