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Professionals register as part-time drivers with taxi app companies to supplement their income

BENGALURU: During the day, Deepak, an aerobics instructor, is driven around Bangalore by his driver. At night, in a show of camaraderie, the boss and employee transform into colleagues as ferry passengers and registered drivers on Uber’s taxi network. PhD students, impecunious entrepreneurs, and ambitious drivers are all turning to taxi app companies to supplement […]

Taxi app

The Burlington Free Press

Two months ago, the Uber smartphone app arrived in Burlington, promising reliable transportation in private vehicles, even if it clashed with city rules. Now there’s a new app in town – and this time it’s an app meant to work within the current taxi system and help the city’s 325 or so registered taxi drivers. […]

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Read the fine print: India’s app-based taxi services aren’t responsible for your safety — Quartz India

A woman’s rape accusation against her Uber taxi driver on Friday December 5 has significant implications for India’s booming third-party transport industry. For one thing, it shattered an unspoken assumption that these operators were safe. Second, media attention has opened up their business models to government scrutiny. But to get to the heart of the […]