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YANA taxi app launched | Kuensel online

A week after launching an app to enjoy online taxi service, Bhutan Taxi Association (BTA) launched an app called YANA taxi app, saying that the new app has features that will not only benefit passengers but also to drivers.

BTA members say their app aims to increase transparency in fare transactions and keep passengers and drivers safe.

YANA, which translates to “easy” in Sharchop dialect, was developed by YANA IT Services. The application will be operational in all dzongkhags.

People using the app service will need to register with the app.

Taxi drivers using the app will need to be BTA members. BTA now has approximately 1,500 registered members.

BTA Chairman Rinzin Chophel said recording and maintaining user details would not only help monitor drivers, but also passenger behavior. “It’s not just the drivers who sometimes behave badly. Passengers could also do this. If a person brings tobacco, the details of the application would facilitate this detection. »

He explained that a user who chooses to book a ride would receive nearby available taxis and an estimated fare. The driver will be notified of the booking via the app.

YANA taxi app owner Nima Tshering said that if a driver accepts the booking, the person wanting the ride will be able to track the vehicle through the app, which also has a map feature. “A person can also choose the type of vehicle.”

He said passengers could choose to travel direct or share a ride.

This would mean that if a person chooses to travel direct, they would have to pay the booked fare. In carpooling, the person can share the cost with the other passengers in the car. At the end of the journey, the passenger will receive a receipt for payment. The application currently follows the rate provided by the Road Safety and Transport Authority.

Nima Tshering said a passenger could choose to pay in cash or via e-wallet services.

He added that the passenger could rate the driver after a ride, which would be reflected in the app. “When a person chooses a nearby driver, they can choose based on the driver’s star rating.”

YANA taxi app also delivers parcels.

Besides passenger services, the app also has features to remind drivers about vehicle insurance, license renewal and other details.

Rinzin Chophel said the app also deducts a small amount from the amount earned by drivers. “When a person chooses to stop driving a taxi, they will receive the amount saved. It’s like a pension.

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