Taxi services

Unlicensed ‘TAXI SERVICES’ social media advert triggers POLICE WARNING in Dorset

Dorset Police detectives are urging the public not to get into unlicensed taxis when going out or returning home after a night out.

The force says it is aware of new groups emerging on social media platforms in Bournemouth and Poole where drivers operate unofficial taxi or lift services.

Members of the public risk their own safety by getting into an unlicensed vehicle belonging to someone who has not been checked.

Detective Constable Christian Bryant, of Bournemouth CID, said: ‘Drivers without a license will not have undergone background checks, they are unlikely to be insured to carry passengers in their vehicles who may be in a dangerous state, and may target lonely and vulnerable men and women. .

“We urge the public not to use the services of people offering lifts on unofficial social media groups and instead book a lift from a licensed and reputable taxi company.

“There is an inherent risk in accepting lifts from strangers and most people wouldn’t dream of doing so, but for women traveling alone getting into a taxi without a license is just as risky as getting into the car of ‘a complete stranger.’

Councilor Bobbie Dove, portfolio holder for community safety and regulatory services at BCP Council, said: ‘We would also advise anyone getting in a car with someone they don’t know to think again. You put your personal safety at risk because you don’t know the backgrounds of the people you get into a car with and you don’t know how safe the car is.

“All licensed taxi and private hire drivers are subject to regular criminal record checks and their cars are examined at approved garages every six months to ensure they are safe.”