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The cost of Blackpool taxi services could rise with soaring petrol prices

The council decides on the maximum fares that can be charged by licensed carriages operating in the city.

Members of the Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association have called on patrons to increase permitted charges as the cost of petrol soared to record highs following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month.

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Photo by Gabriel Szabo / Guzelian Chancellor George Osborne said today (Wednesday March 21, 2012) that a fuel tax increase of 3.02 pence per liter will come into effect on August 1 as scheduled. STOCK PHOTO SHOWS a Jet service station in Bradford, West Yorkshire on January 19, 2011

There are currently four main taxi fares in Blackpool. These are:

Tariff 1: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm: £2.60 for a passenger for the first 372 metres, 20p for each subsequent 186 metres.

Tariff 2: Monday to Friday 9pm to midnight, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays: £2.60 for a passenger for the first 280 metres, 20p for each subsequent 140 metres.

Tariff 3: daily 00:00-06:00: £3.20 for a passenger for the first 280 metres, 20p for each subsequent 140 metres.

Tariff 4: Christmas and New Year: £5.20 for a passenger for the first 280 metres, 20p for every 140 meters thereafter.

Taxi drivers can charge an additional 30p for each adult passenger or two children aged 3-12, and an additional 20p for every 30 or 35 seconds of waiting. If passengers soil the vehicle, the driver can add £40 to the fare.

Those prices could rise, however, as council bosses plan to raise maximum charges to reduce pressure on local taxi services following a February 26 Association submission.

A Blackpool Council spokesperson said: ‘We have been contacted by representatives from the taxi industry who are understandably concerned about rising fuel costs. We are in the process of proposing a set of new surcharges. These will be discussed by the public protection subcommittee later this month.

However, Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association secretary Bill Lewtas said it could lead to a difficult month for drivers, as they cannot legally increase their charges while paying increasing amounts for fuel.

He said: ‘With current fuel prices Blackpool taxi drivers really need a fuel surcharge and soon.

“It appears that the council supports our request. But the date by which a committee must consider this is March 29. This is expected to be followed by a two-week consultation, which could mean it won’t be in place until after Easter.

“We have asked for a quicker response and unfortunately the board says they are unable to move the meeting forward.”

Taxi driver Dean James said: ‘A number of taxi drivers are not very happy with the council’s response. We are probably looking at 1.70 pence per liter of fuel in the future. It affects us because we have to come up with an extra £5 every day just to do our job.

“There are a lot of disgruntled taxi drivers who now need to know if they won’t be getting extra pay for at least a month, and by then it could be 2.00p a litre.”

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