Taxi drivers

The association of taxi drivers is working on a new carpooling application


President of the Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers’ Network Adrian Acosta and Deputy Secretary David Mack have a conversation about new road regulations along Sir Solomon Hochoy Road, via Freeport, Caroni and Chase Village at Library Corner, San Fernando. – Photo by Auanma Kinsale

Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers Association president Adrian Acosta said the association will soon launch a new ride-sharing app.

He made the announcement while speaking to the media on the High Street, San Fernando on Tuesday.

Acosta said: “We launched a safety feature (for our drivers) a few months ago, and at a later date we will also launch our ridesharing app…only legitimate taxis will be on this app.”

In development for the past six months, Acosta said the app was created in conjunction with a local transportation company. Several aspects, including the name of the application, are still under development.

Asked if taxi drivers registered on the app will only cater to after-hours commuters, Acosta said the app’s services will be available at all times.

“You can use it anytime and we’ll take you anywhere… even to the moon and all.”