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The area where bus and taxi drivers are too scared to go after dark, vandalized houses were boarded up

Residents and business owners in one area of ​​the city said they were living a nightmare with drug problems and anti-social behavior that led some city taxi and bus drivers to refuse go there at night.

In Alway, which is one of Newport’s most deprived neighborhoods to the east of the city, people have described how they find it difficult to leave their homes to go to work because public transport won’t get there after 7 p.m.

Mohammed Iqbal, who worked for 31 years at the Alway fish and chip shop in the center of the estate, said the problem was worse now than it had ever been. He said he often had rocks thrown at his window and cans and bottles knocked repeatedly on his property. For more Newport news, visit our Newport home page here

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“A few weeks ago some young people came here and threw an open can at the ceiling and ran away,” Iqbal said. ” They do not care. They don’t even care if any customers are here.

“It’s had a big impact on business because when we have a dozen people gathering outside, the kids don’t come, the parents don’t come – because they’re intimidated. That’s all I called 999 on Saturday because I was afraid the windows would go through.

Traders told stories of youths ringing cabs and waiting for them to arrive before ripping stickers off vehicles and throwing rocks at them.

The Alway Estate from Balfe Road

Mr Iqbal said it was ironic that his shop was next to a police building, but he constantly had to deal with crime inside and outside his premises.

Karen Clare, who also lives on the estate, posted a photo on social media this week of a vehicle she was in that had also been vandalized.

“It’s been going on for a while and it looks like taxis and buses are the main targets,” said fellow resident Michelle Davey. “But others have seen their car damaged and nearly crashed. I can see someone being badly injured soon.

“I rely on taxis for my journeys from work and some companies don’t come to Alway.”

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Traders in the area have received a letter from the police advising them that they will have more support to help tackle crime in the area affecting their businesses, and a dispersal order is now also in place for the area, but many said much more needed to be completed.

All the windows of the old presbytery next to the church of Saint Teilo have been broken and they are all boarded up. People living nearby said they saw hooded vandals throwing bricks at the house for days before every window was smashed.

The old presbytery was destroyed with every window boarded up

The Alway Estate in Newport

Residents, who said the area was “quickly turning into a no-go zone”, said issues of antisocial behavior and drug use needed to be made public, but added they were overly concerned about the repercussions s they spoke openly about the problems in the region.

The church is not the only building targeted, with various windows across the estate boarded up following vandalism. A family whose home was attacked by vandals said they would have to wait until next month to be replaced.

Another house with a boarded up window following vandalism

Malcolm Robinson, 77, who has lived on the estate for 13 years, said: “I dropped my keys and didn’t realize it. That night, someone got into the car with the keys and crashed it. I scratched the car too. It’s terrible around here. It’s not just that – there’s an open drug trade out here,’ he said, pointing to the front of his house.

Asked what he thought of a dispersal order for the area giving police additional powers to deal with anti-social behavior, he replied: “I don’t think it will make a difference.”

Gwent Police have been contacted for comment.

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