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Taxi drivers say tourists are charged by the hour or by the day | Goa News

Panaji: After TOI reported cases of taxi operators scamming commuters during New Year’s Eve, taxi union representatives presented another side of the story, saying they charge tourists according to the fare schedule or Daily service, not for a single trip.
“No one was charged 2000 rupees for 3km unless taxi services were hired for the whole day. Tourists tend to use the taxi depending on the kilometers, but taking into account the New Year’s Eve traffic jams, especially in the Calangute-Baga-Arpora area, it takes hours to maneuver in the sea of people. These are taken into account when recharging,” taxi union leader Laximan ‘Bappa’ Korgaonkar said.
He further stated that a slight increase in the prices of various tourism-related services is a common feature during New Year’s Eve.
“Transportation fares, whether for flights or hospitality, tend to spike on New Years Eve. Even restaurants offer skyrocketing prices for their items, no matter what. either the menu. Faced with such cases, some drivers tend to raise their fares by a few hundred rupees,” he said.
Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho had told TOI that he had been informed of the incidents and, as a result, had instructed the transport directorate to take legal action against the offenders. However, Department of Transportation officials said they have yet to receive any such written complaints from distressed tourists.
“Even though tourists can’t get to transport headquarters, there are other platforms like email or RTOs that they can approach. We checked social media to see if anyone has reported any cases. scam, however, there have been no messages yet,” a transportation officer told TOI.
TOI reported on January 4 that taxi drivers outside a resort quoted 2,000 rupees one way. The cost was over Rs 600 per km.