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Report a taxi app says biggest complaint is denial of service

An app that lets you report grievances against your taxi driver shows that the number one customer complaint is denial of service. A smartphone app called Report A Taxi (where users enter a driver’s medallion number and then choose from a list of common complaints to, you know, report a taxi to the city’s Taxi and Limo Commission ) was used by 814 passengers over a four-month period.

The data collected from the application and collected by post showed that 168 people complained about on-duty taxi drivers refusing to take them to their destination. Those numbers also proved that those 168 weren’t real New Yorkers, because everyone knows you never tell a cab driver where you’re going until you’re in the backseat.

Other complaints were of taxi drivers talking on cell phones while driving and refusing to let passengers pay with credit cards. But service shouldn’t stop at whining! You can also compliment your taxi driver.

As for how complaints are handled, the results of the application come at a good time. the CCM just released draft rules for a new license, called the Street Hail Livery License, which “will allow rental vehicle (FHV) owners and drivers to pick up passengers coming to Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens (at the excluding airports), Staten Island, and Manhattan north of W110th Street and E96th Street.”

As taxi driver advocate Brian Baxter told the publication, “Reporting a taxi serves to protect passengers and bring justice to anyone who has been denied a ride or whose driver has paid more attention. to his iPhone than to the road”. And no one serves justice like the Post.