Taxi services

MMRTA issues provisional aggregator license to taxi service companies

According to latest reports, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) has declared a provisional aggregator license to four companies including Ola and Uber to operate taxi services in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). .

Based on the accounts, besides the above mentioned companies, Meru Mobility Tech Pvt Ltd and Mahindra Logistics Ltd are other companies that got the license in the Central Government Motor Vehicle Aggregators Guidelines-2020.

Last March, the Bombay High Court required all app-based taxi aggregators to apply for a valid license to operate in Mumbai. It was reported that following this order from the judiciary, the companies applied for the license.

An official was quoted in reports as explaining how a meeting took place in the Mantralaya earlier this week where company representatives were present and allegedly assured that they met the conditions to obtain the license.

In accordance with this, the MMRTA provided provisional aggregator licenses to companies that adhered to the main terms. They were given 30 days to comply with the remaining conditions. If they fail to do so, their provisional aggregator license will be revoked, the prominent official stories said.

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