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Local taxi services are working to get people home safely this St. Patrick’s Day

PEORIA (25 NEWS) – St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest booze holidays in central Illinois and local taxi services say they are working to make sure people get home safely.

“It’s right up there with New Year’s Eve,” said Big Daddy Cab founder Bob Thomas.

Thomas says his taxi service was busy all day Thursday.

“Today, I would estimate we’re making maybe up to 400 calls,” Thomas said.

Thomas says Big Daddy Cab has been busier this year, due to the pandemic.

“Now I think everyone is ready to party, so we want to help them party and get home safely,” Thomas said.

He says all of his drivers went out into the streets, getting people home safely.

Although not everyone wants to pay for taxi services or ride-sharing apps, like Uber.

“I’d rather drive people who drink than have to pay for someone,” said Germantown Hills resident Tess Ellington.

Uber 25 News prices saw Thursday from downtown Peoria to Peoria Heights averaging around $30 for most of the day. The wait was about 20 minutes.

“We don’t usually get Ubers because they’re overcharged, so we usually call someone to pick us up,” said Peoria resident Alexa Scotti.

Thomas says his company doesn’t charge customers more when demand increases and says his average trip cost is $16.

“Never an extra at all,” Thomas said.

Other people 25 News spoke to said they didn’t mind the prices because they wanted to get home safely.

“I’m hoping I can get an Uber to take me home,” Peoria resident Edie Wood continued, “so I don’t drive drunk.”

Thomas says that’s his goal, to make sure he can help get people home safely.

“Get them where they need to go and do it safely,” Thomas said.

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