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Fix taxi services first, then allow Uber to operate | Letters


The government must reconsider allowing Uber to operate in Jamaica. There have been a number of cases around the world where they have come under scrutiny. The UK Supreme Court recently told them that Uber drivers were workers, not independent contractors. They would receive a minimum wage, vacation and a pension. .

I believe there will be many people in Jamaica who decide to take Uber, as opposed to private taxi operators. Uber should be regulated, the government should not allow them to come in and do whatever they want. They must have adequate insurance for their drivers, drivers must obtain proper identification. The company should also pay drivers, as in the UK, as employees and not treat them as contractors. Uber should also have a vehicle maintenance and service assistance program.

What does Uber bring to Jamaica, how much does it invest, should be the question.

It seems like wherever Uber goes, it’s there to make a profit and do no good for any country. We must first convince Jamaica to fix our taxi system before we allow a foreign company to come and operate here. Jamaicans considering driving for Uber need to think twice, this may sound good, but what happens when you are involved in an accident, will Uber pay? Where does Uber pay for your insurance?

I think the government should ban Uber from Jamaica for now and work on our local taxi service. And to think that if in five years things don’t improve with our local taxi operators, only then should the government consider a company like Uber coming to operate here.

Jamaican worried.