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A brand new ride-sharing app called ‘Go Taxi IOW’ will launch on the Isle of Wight in December, allowing users to see the nearest registered taxi and hail it from their smartphone.

Go Taxi revolutionizes booking a local taxi service. Customers can now use their mobile app to call a car, pay for the ride, and even rate the driver.

Kevin Barton and his business partner Mark Stafford are behind the Uber style service. The company is due to launch this month with drivers already on board to pick up passengers over the Christmas period.

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Mark says:

“In this age of increasing technology, we all want an easier, safer and more secure way to book a taxi. We want to know who the driver is, what the car registration is and when it will arrive.

“Why ask someone to answer all the calls when you can have an application directly dedicated to booking a taxi, rather than calling three or four times to reach someone.”

With over 20 years of local market and app technology experience, Kevin and Mark have used their knowledge to develop the service. The duo hope Go Taxi will be able to have around 100 licensed drivers to operate and pay a nominal booking fee for each fare they take rather than a percentage of payment.

Mark adds:

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“The feedback has been very positive, all the taxi drivers we spoke to said count on me.”

The app will be available for download on iOS and Android from the first week of December, with customers able to specify whether they want a female or male driver and be able to store emergency numbers.

Passengers, or passengers as they are referred to by Go Taxi, will be able to insert their destination and receive a fixed quote, then select an available car which will alert the driver and display the route map and arrival time.

The app is now available for download on Android and iOS by searching “GO Taxi IOW”.

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