Taxi app

A ‘revolutionary’ new taxi app will launch in Southampton in October

The app – Holler Taxi – aims to put “the power back in the hands of businesses and the user” and will debut in Southampton, before rolling out to the South Coast and then the UK.

‘Holler Taxi’ is the brainchild of Kevin Leftwich and was a project six years in the making.

Kevin, the company’s chief executive, says he came up with the concept before Uber became popular.

He said the app is different from Uber because it shows the choice available to the user and takes fares digitally on behalf of drivers/companies.

Mr Leftwich says the app fully integrates with major taxi dispatch systems, so once connected, taxi companies no longer have to do any paperwork.

And it won’t dictate pricing to the company.

Instead, the company has configured fare charges, so it automatically calculates the fare it charges and displays it to the user.

Unlike Uber and similar companies, Holler does not have its own drivers or licenses, but aims to connect fares with taxi companies and private rentals in the area.

And it was heralded by Southampton taxi drivers, who said it could help bring back student customers who mainly use Uber.

Ian Hall, chairman of the Southampton Hackney Private Hire Association, said: “If it takes Uber away and puts taxi drivers back to work, who have lost a lot of student work, then good luck to him.”

Taxi driver and Unite Union representative Perry McMillan said he was “100% behind Holler”.

“I urge people to use traditional taxis, we are here to help the public.

“You’re guaranteed to have local knowledge and a little chat,” he told the Daily Echo.

Joe Jones, of Door to Door Cars, added: “It’s a good idea and a good concept if they can provide work for the taxi companies that sign up for it.”